Freekeh Fry-Day: Pomegranate and Freekeh Kofte


I wrote heaps about food this month for Country Roads Magazine: taking a look at the foreign groceries of Baton Rouge, rejoicing in the contrasts between the area’s Mexican eateries, and crafting these fancy fritters.

freekeh kofte - freekeh

Freekeh—an endless source of puns, depending on how fast and loose you want to play with its pronunciation (“freek-uh”). When you’ve somewhat exhausted your itch for corny humor, you can cook it too!

It’s an ancient grain, wheat harvested while it’s still young and green. Freekeh is catching on fast with the health food crowd, meaning it will likely be flying off the shelves soon as a quick-fix diet-nonsense thing. Me? I like to know my food and cook it well. My new Lowell EGO tabletop light had just arrived when I set into this recipe. What better excuse does someone need to turn off all the overhead lights in their house and hunker down over a bowl of spiced chickpeas?

Check out my pictures from the day below, and find the full recipe for Pomegranate and Freekeh Kofte here. Consider it a foray into a new trend, a vegetarian option for lovely Mediterranean flavors, or just an afternoon well-spent in the kitchen.


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