Thyme and a Gin


We lost power, but we gained a delicious cocktail.

The monsoon has been arriving, like clockwork, around 5 pm every evening for the past couple of months—with only occasional relief for good behavior. It’s deflating to look out the window at the end of a workday, minutes before you head to your car, to see raindrops rattling the branches and windows. But we braved the rain, rounded up gin (fairly cheap) and Jack Rudy’s Elderflower Tonic syrup (absolutely worth it for the strong flavor without overwatering the drink), plus club soda, fruit, herbs, and dinner items. Halfway through the cocktail crafting, the storm jolted our house into darkness. We finished by flashlight, then I headed into our well-windowed office for pictures. IMG_0127Thyme and a Gin (adapted from Chef José Andrés and Jaleo) Yield: 1 drink. Ingredients 1.5 oz gin 1.5 oz tonic syrup 4 oz club soda 1 large strip orange zest 2 sprigs thyme 3 peppercorns Lime wheel (for garnish) Optional: Flashlight Method: In a chilled glass, combine gin, tonic syrup, orange zest, peppercorns, and thyme. Add club soda. Garnish and serve.


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