A collection of recent reviews, profiles, and blogs centering on (mostly Louisiana) culture. Find all my writings for Country Roads Magazine at their website.


“Chef Michael Gulotta.” Country Roads Magazine August 2018. 
Exploring the intersection of Southeast Asia and Southeast Louisiana.

“ProStart.” Country Roads Magazine July 2018.
Five award-winning teen chefs make waves at the National ProStart Invitational.

“Chef Serigne Mbaye.” Country Roads Magazine May 2018. 
The Senegalese chef is ready for Louisiana to taste the culinary cousins of many Creole favorites.

“Strawberry Fields Forever.” Country Roads Magazine March 2018.
Hungarian Settlement in Livingston Parish remembers an agricultural, immigrant heritage.


“Upstream, Downstream.” Country Roads Magazine March 2018.
One Lake, a controversial flood control plan along the Upper Pearl River, worries the parishes and counties downstream.

“Industry in Reform.” Biz New Orleans June 2015.
With drilling about to restart five years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, how have things changed?

“Trading Up.” Biz New Orleans May 2015.
The U.S. leader in cargo volume, the Port of South Louisiana is drawing billions in capital investments from foreign companies, and experts say this is just the beginning.

“Shall We Cruise?” Biz New Orleans February 2015.
In the midst of what is already a record-breaking winter, the Port of New Orleans points its bow toward the future.


“Show Me the Ropes.” Country Roads Magazine May 2018.
A novice tests the cut of her jib at the Pelican Yacht Club.

“Joy Ride.” Country Roads Magazine October 2018 (online).
In flight over Ascension Parish with Al Muir of Bear Creek Balloons.


“The American Play.” Country Roads Magazine November 2018.
With foresight and empathy, Tony Kushner writes on tensions in his Lake Charles childhood.

“Point and Shoot.” Country Roads Magazine November 2014.
How photography put the Civil War in perspective.

“Man at Leisure.” Country Roads Magazine September 2014.
Artist LeRoy Neiman’s devotion to leisure and spectacle finds a Louisiana audience.

“Maker of Motion: George Ufford.” Country Roads Magazine August 2014.
Intuition is key for mobile artist George Ufford.


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